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    With Tracked Lifts, Nothing is Out of Reach

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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    Tracked Aerial Lifts for Rental Facilities

    How Tracked Lifts Can Provide Value to Your Customers

    At Tracked Lifts, we provide trusted tracked boom lifts for tree care and facility work, and our products offer the performance and safety you expect. With a wide selection of models, you can find the right lifts to build out your rental facility and cater to your customers' unique applications.

    We are the exclusive supplier for OMMELIFT and Platform Basket, two industry-leading brands with superior designs that support efficiency and ease of use. Adding these top-of-the-line machines to your rental fleet allows your customers to:

    • Increase efficiency on every job site.
    • Experience incredible performance at a price that suits any budget.
    • Try industry-leading equipment before buying.
    • Improve their capabilities and diversify their projects.

    Omme Lift A/S has been manufacturing equipment since 1947 and aerial work platforms since 1980. Through their impeccable reputation for highest quality equipment and technical support, Omme Lift has produced results which has entitled them to receive the highest rating,”AAA” from Dun & Bradstreet, the international credit rating company.

    Adding Lifts to Your Fleet

    Our inventory features plenty of versatile machines that are worth adding to your rental fleet.

    Platform Basket 18.95

    Great for homeowner and commercial rentals alike, the Platform Basket 18.95 features 60ft of working height, 31.5ft of side reach, auto level, auto stow, and basket rotation, making it a stand-out addition to your rental offerings. 

    Platform Basket 22.10

    The compact dimensions of the Platform Basket 22.10 allow access to the tightest areas while the diesel engine delivers ample power for any terrain. A working height exceeding 72 feet and an outreach of 34 feet ensure peak production at most job sites.

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    Platform Basket 33.15

    With 107ft of work height, 50ft of side reach, but still capable of compacting down to 44 inches wide, the Platform Basket 33.15 is a sure to bring your rental company a lot of business. Great for renting to companies who may or may not already have a lift, but don't quite have the reach they need for niche jobs. Simple, intuitive controls and features like auto level, auto stow, basket rotation and hybrid power. 


    Why Choose Tracked Lifts?

    Maneuverability Icon_White

    Effortlessly navigate tight spaces and navigate around obstacles with the exceptional maneuverability of a tracked lift. These lifts are designed to be highly agile, making them perfect for use in rugged job sites and other challenging environments.

    safety icon_white
    Enhanced safety

    Equipped with a variety of safety features, such as stability sensors and emergency redundancies, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site. This is an important consideration for rental businesses that want to protect their customers and employees.

    versatile icon_white

    Can be used in a variety of applications, including tree work, facility maintenance, cleaning, painting, power washing, and wring, making them a versatile choice for rental businesses that need to accommodate a wide range of customer needs.

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    Superior durability

    Originally built to withstand the rigors of tree work, these lifts feature sturdy construction and robust materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This makes them well-suited for the rental industry, where equipment is frequently subjected to rough treatment.

    Contact Us to Grow Your Tracked Boom Lift Rental Fleet

    At Tracked Lifts, our new tracked lift models offer the superior performance your rental customers need. Whether they turn to you for short- or long-term contracts, you can expect these quality machines to help build a trusted partnership with your renters. If you have questions about any of our models, get in touch with our team. You can also request a demo to see any model in action.


    Platform Basket 33.15 Spotlight

    "I love the machine for its accessibility. You can get into some really tight spaces. It's nice and stable and has a 50 foot side reach, so you can really reach anything."

    Hear how Josh from Mid Atlantic High Reach uses  the 33.15 for sports lighting.