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Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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Multi-Terrain Lifts

Safe, Reliable, Versatile

Why Choose Tracked Lifts?


Working heights from 60 to 120 feet, ability to drive through 35 inch wide doors, and available hybrid powered models


Variable width rubber tracks provide the ability to operate over non-optimal ground conditions as well as in confined and difficult to reach locations


Tracked Lifts only partners with the top brands in the aerial lift space, Platform Basket and Omme Lift


Most models can be trailered behind a three-quarter-ton pickup and are light enough to not require a CDL license

Easy to operate

Simple and intuitive controls make operating a breeze

Durable & compact

Tracked Lifts product range is engineered to withstand heavy use with key areas reinforced and vulnerable parts protected

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Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and OMMELIFT tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

Founded by arborist Miroslaw (Mike) Hrycak in 2007 after seeing firsthand the benefit an aerial lift brought to his business, Tracked Lifts has been trusted by customers nationwide to safely lift their businesses to new heights.

Industry Specific Equipment

Tracked Lifts Arborist Lifts 1


Founded by an Aborist, Tracked Lifts features tree care focused models that are designed from the ground up to withstand heavy use

Tracked Lifts Facilities


Tracked Lifts models can operate both indoors and outdoors making hard to reach jobs easy



Easy to transport and simple to operate, our Tracked Lifts models make great additions to rental fleets

Calling All Tree Care Professionals

Learn about the safest, most reliable arbor lifts on the market that help you access the most difficult jobs

Elevate Your Lift Knowledge

No Excuses

Most Compact-Lift Failures Are Preventable

The experts – those who make and sell compact lifts and, ultimately, have to do a lot of the repairs – say the causes of the majority of compact-lift “fails,” as the slang goes, boil down to one of two things: operator error or lack of maintenance.

New 38m Platform Basket

Italian spider lift manufacturer Platform Basket unveiled the new 38.6 meter Spider 39 T at GIS earlier this month.

The straight telescopic 39 T features a six-section boom plus a two-section articulating jib, to offer a maximum outreach of 16.6 meters with a platform capacity of 136kg, or 14.8 meters with its maximum capacity of 330kg.

New 15-meter trailer lift with 230 kg basket load

With its compact dimensions, low weight and great features, 1500 EX is a practical trailer-mount ready to solve various and complex tasks at height.

The new trailer-mount, type 1500 EX, has a working height of 15 m, and outreach of 8.50 m with a 230 kg basket load. The unfolding scissor system gives the lift an increased up and over outreach over high obstacles.

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