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    With Tracked Lifts, Nothing is Out of Reach

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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    Elevate Your Arbor Business with a Tracked Lift

    Omme Lift A/S has been manufacturing equipment since 1947 and aerial work platforms since 1980. Through their impeccable reputation for highest quality equipment and technical support, Omme Lift has produced results which has entitled them to receive the highest rating,”AAA” from Dun & Bradstreet, the international credit rating company.

    Arbor Lifts

    Choosing the proper lift equipment for tree trimming is vital for maintaining employee safety and maximizing productivity. Tracked aerial lifts designed for arborists offer a secure and safe mode of operation for tasks that could be dangerous when using other methods, such as manual climbing. For instance, when taking down a group of dead trees, the use of a Tracked Lift can significantly reduce the risk of injury. In addition, arbor lifts excel in hard-to-reach areas and, due to their low ground pressure, help minimize property damage when moving on lawns and sidewalks.

    At Tracked Lifts, we offer a wide selection of spider lifts for arborists that provide safe, reliable, and versatile use for arboriculture and similar applications. Our customers have access to the market's most practical tree lift solutions for reduced downtime and greater return on investment. We partner with the world's most recognized manufacturers — including OMMELIFT and Platform Basket — to offer efficient and cost-productive lift solutions across the tree care industry.

    Tracked Arbor Lifts for Sale

    Examples of the tracked lifts we offer specifically for the arbor industry include:

    Platform Basket 22.10

    The compact dimensions of the Platform Basket 22.10 allow access to the tightest areas while the diesel engine delivers ample power for any terrain. A working height exceeding 72 feet and an outreach of 34 feet ensure peak production at most job sites.

    OMMELIFT 2750

    The OMMELIFT 2750 model is among the market's most durable and rugged spider lifts, offering a maximum outreach of 49 feet with working heights as high as 90 feet. Designed by arborists for arborists, this lift can handle the most rigorous tree work in all weather conditions on the harshest terrains.


    Platform Basket 27.14

    The Platform Basket 27.14 is an articulated tracked lift capable of reaching working heights up to 89 feet. The platform's optimized design meets industry needs for efficient performance with a small form factor.

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    Elevate Your Tree Care Business With Equipment From Tracked Lifts

    At Tracked Lifts, our team understands the value of choosing a dependable partner familiar with the tree care industry. Our professionals offer decades of combined experience helping customers secure the safest and most efficient lift solutions for their needs. Our arbor lifts deliver high performance on challenging terrain and confined spaces where conventional options often fall short.

    When you partner with us for your arbor lift needs, you'll enjoy benefits like:

    cost savings
    Increased cost savings

    Using a reliable and efficient arborist spider lift from Tracked Lifts allows your crew to concentrate on productivity instead of contending with equipment malfunctions and unwanted downtime. Our equipment requires less maintenance and repairs than competing brands, enabling you to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. 

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    Enhanced safety

    At Tracked Lifts, operator safety is among our highest priorities. Our lifts provide advanced safety features and controls that streamline use, minimize training, and deliver the highest safety levels to workers.

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    Maximized efficiency

    Having the right tool for the job is crucial for maximizing production and efficiency. Because our manufacturers engineer spider lifts with the needs of the arborist in mind, the result is a solution that delivers high performance at any job site. 

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    Superior durability

    Our tracked arbor lifts consist of high-quality, premium materials that ensure many years of productive use. Many models we offer at Tracked Lifts use specifically engineered components that protect the device's most vulnerable areas.

    Find Lift Equipment for Arborists at Tracked Lifts

    If you want to learn more about how our arbor lifts can benefit your tree care operation, the professionals at Tracked Lifts can assist you. Contact our experts online today to request pricing, schedule a demo, or obtain additional technical specifications. In addition, feel free to explore our news and media page to browse the latest industry trends and technology.



    Product Spotlight

    Platform Basket 22.10

    "I feel like it's built to do tree work, where other lifts are built to just get you in the air. They really thought about tree work when the designed it."

    Dane from Cumberland Valley Tree Care explains how the Tracked Lifts Platform Basket 22.10 makes his job more safer and more efficient.