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    Platform Basket 22.10

    • Working Height: 72'
    • Outreach: 34' unrestricted
    • Width: 35"
    • Weight:6,900 lbs
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    Product Overview

    The Platform Basket 22.10 72ft Arborist by Arborists is the most ruggedized tracked spider lift on the market, as it is vastly simplified for the extreme rigors of tree work and all-weather/all-terrain operations.

    ​​Tracked Lifts worked with Platform Basket to design the 72ft Arborist by Arborists with all hydraulic systems, motor, and electrical components fully armored with the intent of increasing the safety of operators and reducing the risk of damage during tree work. 

    This portable lift for tree trimming is an ultra-capable general use machine, offering simplicity and unsurpassed reliability with live-hydraulic redundancies to provide the utmost safety and dependability for operators. 

    Ultra-light and easy to transport, it is powered by a Kubota Diesel engine coupled with a 12V DC emergency lowering system. This tracked man lift also features a simplified outrigger spread with one position to eliminate the complex computerized load management system while still allowing for full boom articulation at its max load.

    "I feel like it's built to do tree work, where other lifts are built to just get you in the air. They really thought about tree work when the designed it."
    -Dane, Platform Basket 22.10 Operator



    • Heavy duty shield package
    • Variable-width undercarriage
    • Air, water, 110V in the basket
    • 12V electrical emergency decent system
    • Full weight, full side reach
    • Super light and easy to transport
    • Easy access to any maintenance component
    • Simple but precise in use

    Max. working height
    Max. outreach
    34' unrestricted
    Max. basket load
    300 lbs
    Basket size
    2’7” x 2'3" (1-man basket)
    Turret rotation
    360° non-continuous
    Traveling length
    19'3" (20'7" with basket)
    Traveling height
    6’9” narrow mode / 7’1” wide mode
    Traveling width
    2'11" narrow mode / 3'8" wide mode
    Operational width
    Outrigger spread - 14’7” x 14’7”
    12V Emergency Descent System
    Kubota Diesel, 15 HP
    Total weight
    6,900 lbs
    Gradability, max. across slope up
    31% (17°)
    Gradability, max. up and down slope
    29% (16°)
    Deployment ability on slopes up to
    31% (17°)

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