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    With Tracked Lifts, Nothing is Out of Reach

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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    OMMELIFT 3710

    • Working Height: 121'4"
    • Outreach: 44'9"
    • Width: 44"
    • Weight:12,566 lbs
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    Product Overview

    The Tracked Lifts OMME 3710 RJ is designed to traverse soft, muddy or hilly terrain while the crawler chassis disperses the machine's weight of approximately 12,126 lbs evenly when traveling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns, marble or similar. 

    The rapid 2-gear undercarriage is quickly in position and the boom system takes a 550lbs basket load to maximum height in less than 3 minutes. The outreach is limited through the load cell monitoring system at approximately 46'6''. A 130° fly-jib facilitates working up and over obstacles and the +/-41° basket turn enables operation in narrow and awkward places.

    Up to 30% set up ability provides operation on uneven terrain where self-propelled booms are unfit to work due to steep inclines. Compact dimensions allow access into tight areas. The detachable basket provides reduced length and increased maneuverability. The 4'11'' width can be retracted hydraulically to only 3'9''.



    • Articulating Riser

    • Stick Boom Advantage

    • Stabilizer Indicators Inform Safe Set-up

    • Ability to Lift the Boom and the Jib While Travelling

    • Flush Mounted Basket on Jib

    • Detachable Basket with Casters

    • Telescopic Sections on Rollers

    • Telescopic Boom Cylinder Situated Underneath Main Boom

    • Large and Grease Free Steel Boom Sections

    • Permanently Fixed, Large Bearing-Area Stabilizer Foot Plates

    • Slide Hinged with Purpose Designed Anti-Scratch Boards

    • Robustly Built

    • Extensively Shielded

    • Power Outlet in Basket

    • Hatch for easy cleaning



    Max. working height
    Max. outreach
    Max. basket load
    550 lbs
    Basket size
    3'2" x 2’10” (1-man basket)
    Basket rotation
    + / - 41°
    Turret rotation
    355° non-continuous
    Traveling length
    24'6" (26'7" with basket)
    Traveling height
    Traveling width
    3’8” narrow mode / 4’11” wide mode
    Operational width
    Outrigger spread - 15'8" x 15'8" wide position / 9'8" x 19'5" narrow position
    24V / 400Ah / 5h
    24V / 25A
    Kubota Diesel, 18.8
    24V / 22A
    Total weight
    12,566 lbs
    Gradability, max. across slope up
    35% (19.3°)
    Gradability, max. up and down slope
    35% (19.3°)
    Deployment ability on slopes up to
    30% (16.7°)
    Power Pack
    True Hybrid System Battery / Diesel Power

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