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    With Tracked Lifts, Nothing is Out of Reach

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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    OMMELIFT 2750

    • Working Height: 90'2"
    • Outreach: 49'
    • Width: 44"
    • Weight:11,420 lbs
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    Product Overview

    The Tracked Lifts OMMELIFT 2750 diesel engine power allows the lift to traverse soft muddy terrain and grassed inclines. Gradability is 35% (or 19.3°). Combined with the strong, non-skid crawler tracks this lift truly provides cross country access. The compact dimensions allow access to narrow and awkward areas.

    The all-terrain features are not only for park and woodland areas but also for working indoors in shopping centers, for example. The low ground pressure and the non-marking tracks offer optimal protection when driving on vulnerable surfaces. An outreach of up to 51' and a zero tail swing articulating riser give an exceptional 35' up and over reach. The long movable jib enables fine adjustment. A maximum working height of 90’ paired with the exceptional outreach offers huge versatility in application. High utilization means cost-efficiency.

    The manual leveling of the stabilizers ensures a safe set up in the most difficult situations the first time and every time. Deployment of this 90 ft spider lift is actually possible on uneven ground of up to 35% (or 19.3°), allowing set up on hilly ground, steps or embankments.

    "The amount of work that we can get done in a week versus having to climb's night and day."

    -Matt, OMMELIFT 2750 Operator



    •  True Hybrid System Battery/Diesel Power

    • Articulating Riser

    • Superior Angle of Deployment

    • Stabilizer Indicators Inform Safe Set-up

    • Ability to Lift the Boom and the Jib While Traveling

    • Flush Mounted Basket on Jib

    • Robustly Built

    • Extensively Shielded

    • Power Outlet in Basket
    •  Detachable Basket with Casters

    • Telescopic Sections on Rollers

    • Large and Grease Free Steel Boom Sections

    • Telescopic Boom Cylinder Situated Underneath Main Boom

    • Permanently Fixed, Large Bearing-Area Stabilizer Foot Plates

    • Sliding Hinged with Purpose Designed Anti-Scratch Boards

    • Hatch for easy cleaning


    Max. working height
    Max. outreach
    Max. basket load
    550 lbs
    Basket size
    3'2" x 2'10" (1-man basket)
    Basket rotation
    + / - 41°
    Turret rotation
    355° non-continuous
    Traveling length
    21'7" (24'1" with basket)
    Traveling height
    Traveling width
    3’8” narrow mode / 4’11” wide mode
    Operational width
    Outrigger spread - 17’5” x 17’5” wide position / 10'7" x 21'10" narrow position
    24V / 200Ah / 5h
    24V / 25A
    Kubota Diesel, 18.8 HP
    24V / 22A
    Total weight
    11,420 lbs
    Gradability, max. across slope up
    35% (19.3°)
    Gradability, max. up and down slope
    35% (19.3°)
    Deployment ability on slopes up to
    40% (21.8°)
    Power Pack
    True Hybrid System Battery / Diesel Power

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