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    Improving Safety and Efficiency in Winter Building Maintenance with Tracked Lifts

    Winter weather can be a harsh challenge for property maintenance, particularly when it comes to reaching elevated areas around buildings. Platform Basket and OMMELIFT aerial work platforms from Tracked Lifts can be a valuable asset in maintaining commercial buildings during the winter season by making maintenance tasks safer and more efficient.

    How Tracked Lifts Can Help Maintain Commercial Buildings During Winter

    We carry a wide range of aerial work platforms that allow you to perform winter property management tasks. Here are a few tasks where you might utilize these machines.

    Snow and Ice Removal

    During the winter months, roofs, awnings, and canopies accumulate heavy loads of snow. With the average roof holding up to 20 pounds of snow per square inch, the combined weight of densely packed snow and ice can pose a serious risk of collapse when left unchecked. 

    A Tracked Lift can come in very handy when removing snow from roofs, as many of our models come equipped with air/water and electric hookups in the basket, so you can attach tools to aid in snow and ice removal with lifts. The turret rotates a combined 360 degrees, allowing you to reach every roof corner to prevent snow and ice buildup throughout the season. Some models also offer basket rotation in addition. 

    It's crucial to follow proper safety precautions when working in icy and snowy conditions, such as avoiding deploying outriggers directly into snow and ice and steering clear of slopes to prevent machinery slippage.

    Window Cleaningwindow-cleaning_OMME

    Winter winds often leave windows covered in dirt, salt, and grime. Beyond causing a clouded view, this salt and grime can damage the glass, leading to pricey repairs. Tracked Lifts provides the means to reach working heights of up to 120 feet, making it possible to clean and inspect even the highest windows on your commercial property, ensuring a clear and damage-free view.

    HVAC Maintenance

    Commercial HVAC units are frequently located on the roof, and pre-winter HVAC maintenance tasks, such as system inspection and lubrication, are essential. Tracked Lifts offers a safer alternative to traditional roof access methods like ladders or scaffolding. Designed with a small footprint and paired with a robust undercarriage, they also offer unique access that many other aerial lifts do not provide.

    Emergency Repairswinter_cropped

    On average, winter snowstorms and blizzards result in $1.9 billion in damage yearly Tracked Lifts are a vital asset in mitigating these challenges. With many models boasting a traveling width under 36 inches, they can be maneuvered into position at a moment's notice. The tracked undercarriage allows the machine to easily navigate through snow where wheeled counterparts could not. We also offer two insulated lift models, the PB 22.10 46kV and OMMELIFT 2650 46kV, which allow for emergency storm tree work near powerlines, enhancing safety and efficiency in the most challenging conditions.

    Get an Equipment Quote for Winter Maintenance

    Tracked Lifts offers comprehensive solutions to the challenges of winter building maintenance. By leveraging a tracked aerial lift, you can ensure the safety, efficiency, and integrity of your commercial property throughout the winter season. To learn more about how Tracked Lifts can assist you with winter maintenance, contact our team for a quote or additional information. Prepare for the winter season with confidence and ensure your property remains in excellent condition even in the face of snow, ice, and storms.

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