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    With Tracked Lifts, Nothing is Out of Reach

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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    The Tracked Lifts Advantage


    Why a Tracked Lift?

    Our Tracked Lifts enable you to safely access the most difficult to reach jobs. These aerial lifts provide a versatile way to work in places a traditional lift falls short.

    Our exclusive partners at Omme and Platform Basket work tirelessly with us and our customers to continuously ensure the highest quality products on the market. The unique tracked chassis can fit through narrow entrances while minimizing the impact on the working surface. While these lifts appear compact in stature, they can easily reach heights of 60 to 140 feet. For our customers, nothing is out of reach!

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    Compact Size

    Most of our lifts can fit through any standard 36” doorway or backyard gate

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    We work with our manufacturers to build lifts that last years and are armored in critical areas for added protection from falling tree limbs and other debris.

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    Simple Maintenance

    Our lifts use either a Honda or Kubota engine and are easy to maintain.

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    Access The Most Limited Terrain

    Our lifts help you access the most difficult to reach terrain. With Tracked Lifts, nothing is out of reach!

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    Hybrid Design

    Many of our lifts are available as a full hybrid, with the ability to operate solely using the on-board Lithium ion battery.

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    Most lifts can be towed behind a pickup truck with no need for a CDL. Ask us about our custom-built trailers!

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    Platform Basket and Omme produce some of the safest lifts on the market. Over-engineered to ensure the operator always gets home safely. 


    How It Works

    With Tracked Lifts, you can experience the ease of setting up your mobile aerial lift in under five minutes. Every model features durable tracks for navigating off of trailers in seconds. A radio remote control allows you to steer your lift wherever you need it. The narrow design makes it possible to move around confined paths.

    Industry Specific Equipment

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    Our lifts are over-engineered to withstand the rigors of arbor and landscape work. Our founder, an arborist, co-developed our lifts with both of our manufacturers. 

    Tracked Lifts Facilities


    Gain access to areas that other types of lifts only dream about. Our unique lifts don’t require a level surface to deploy.



    Provide your customers with the best aerial access on the market and see your revenue reach new heights. 

    What an awesome piece of equipment. My father always told me you have to spend money to make money. If I didn’t buy this machine I wouldn’t make the money I’m making today.
    Terry - TJ’s Outdoor Services
    Platform Basket 22.10 Owner

    Meet Our Manufacturers

    Platform Basket
    Platform Basket

    Platform Basket

    Platform Basket self-propelled tracked lifts are the most capable and versatile ultra-compact man lifts on the market that utilize simple live hydraulic operating systems for unsurpassed reliability and ease of repairs.

    All of our ultra-compact models will fit through a standard single door and the tracked undercarriage of these very light machines guarantees passage over soft, muddy, or delicate finished surfaces without the damage done by other types of wheeled equipment while allowing climbing of heavy inclines and staircases.

    The deployment can be achieved on heavily sloped or terraced terrain, while safety is achieved and monitored by simple electro-mechanical limit switches.



    Platforms are designed to reach constrained work areas more than any other type of aerial lift equipment.



    Super-light equipment that allows you to carry out work in rough terrain or on the floors of industrial buildings.



    Developed with extendable tracks, these tracked lifts produce low ground pressure and deliver excellent grip in all ground conditions— soft, delicate, sandy, and snowy.


    Beyond All Obstacles

    The geometry of these tracked lifts allows for stabilization of the vehicle in most situations with obstacles.

    Trailer transport behind three-quarter ton vehicles makes getting to a job site very simple and inexpensive. For the most challenging situations, our lifts can be craned or go in freight elevators.

    These units are the ideal solution for rental fleets, tree service, ground maintenance, and all exterior/ interior aerial applications.



    OMMELIFT has a long tradition connected with producing quality products with their customers' wishes and needs being in focus. OMMELIFTs are known both for their high quality and reliability as well as their long lifespan.

    OMMELIFT is a third-generation family-owned corporation and has been through a significant development over the last 100 years: from the local smithy in 1906 to the modern, international manufacturing company they are today. Ever since the beginning, OMMELIFT has been a proud company with strong roots and connections within its local community, which continues to live on. The basic values of the Jutlandic heath – where they have their origin – are an incorporated part of OMMELIFT's identity

    OMMELIFT's aerial lifts are ideally suited for any type of work that requires access to difficult-to-reach heights.


    Tree Work

    • Quick and easy set-up
    • Designed to traverse soft, muddy and hilly terrain.
    • Set-up ability on steep inclines provides operation where self-propelled booms and scissor lifts are unfit to work.
    • 2-gear undercarriage gets the lift quickly in position.


    • Simple operation with safety system and easy-to-use controls make the machines ideal for the rental environment.
    • High stability from well-thought design maximizes stability at considerable height and gives the operator a safe and pleasant experience.
    • The choice of components and the high quality of mechanical wearing parts ensure extremely high reliability even in extreme climates.
    • The reliability and the strong lift design lead to a long product lifespan and consequently a high return on investment.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    • As buildings get bigger with more areas difficult to access, the challenges regarding cleaning and maintenance are also increasing
    • Easy maneuverability to get around and up and over obstacles
    • With True-Hybrid or battery power, the noise and air pollution are minimal
    • Significant time saving compared with setting up and taking down scaffolding
    • Gentle on delicate ground services such as marble or tile 

    Insulated Lifts

    • OMME Insulted lifts are designed for working close to power lines
    • All booms are insulated with Waco fiberglass sections enabling safe work operations
    • Articulated boom makes the lift easily maneuverable
    • Multi-function accessories with wireless drive control, making lift operation easy and quick

    All models have a standard dual source of power: a Honda gasoline engine for outdoor use and a 110V electric motor for quiet, pollution-free indoor applications.

    These units are the ideal solution for rental fleets, tree service, ground maintenance, and all exterior/ interior aerial applications.

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