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    With Tracked Lifts, Nothing is Out of Reach

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive US importer and supplier of Platform Basket and Omme Lift tracked multi-terrain and trailer-mounted aerial lifts.

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    Multi-Terrain Lifts

    Safe, Reliable, Versatile

    What We Do

    Tracked Lifts offers a comprehensive range of multi-terrain lift equipment that delivers safe, reliable, and versatile solutions, enabling our clients to accomplish their aerial pursuits. We strive to supply equipment that meets the industry's highest safety standards while providing increased production and efficiency for various applications. For years, we've partnered with the world's top brands — including Platform Basket and OMMELIFT — to help develop some of the market's most innovative ideas and practical solutions.

    Why Choose Tracked Lifts?

    Tracked Lift Versatility

    We provide tracked boom lifts ready to handle heights of up to 140 feet. For facilities with tight spacing, we offer lift equipment models that can fit through doorways as narrow as 35 inches.

    Tracked Undercarriage

    Rubber tracks provide smooth transport over challenging terrain, including restrictive and hard-to-reach areas.

    Tracked Lifts Performance

    We partner with some of the industry's most recognized brands to offer the world's top lift solutions.

    Tracked Lifts Portability

    Operators can haul many of our lift models on a trailer with a ¾-ton pickup truck without needing a commercial driver's license.

    Tracked Lifts Easy To Operate
    Easy to operate

    Our lifts offer easy-to-use features and controls that streamline productivity and make operations more straightforward.

    Durable and Compact Lifts
    Durable & compact

     Our products contain high-strength materials and extra protection for vulnerable areas, ensuring many years of reliable use.

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    Tracked Man Lifts for Sale

    At Tracked Lifts, we understand the importance of a reliable company offering the market's top aerial lift equipment. We provide our clients with the highest-quality tracked lift solutions for the arbor industry, building maintenance, utility work, and similar applications. Examples of our lift equipment include:

    • Arbor: Because our company founders and partners are arborists, we understand the industry's need for safe, practical solutions in difficult-to-access locations. We feature durable, reliable, and easy-to-operate tree lifts for arbor organizations, including the Platform Basket 22.10 and the OMME 2750 RXJ.

    • Facilities: Tracked Lifts offers versatile lift equipment for both residential and commercial building maintenance and utility work, including selections with increased precision for basket positioning and greater reach distances than many traditional lift options. We feature designs ideal for indoor and outdoor maintenance applications, including the Platform Basket 18.90 and 33.15

    We also sell lift solutions to companies that provide rental options to their clients.

    Advantages of Partnering With Tracked Lifts

    Tracked Lifts is the exclusive supplier of Platform Basket and OMMELIFT aerial lifts and multi-terrain man lifts in the United States. Our clients represent some of the world's most prestigious organizations, from multimillion-dollar companies to national arbor foundations to globally recognized museums. We also offer trailer solutions from Belmont Trailers and Appalachian Trailers that are compatible with all our lifts.

    While many competitors manufacture their lifts for a broad industry range, they do not maximize operation for one specific application. At Tracked Lifts, our equipment addresses the unique needs of the arborist and maintenance industries, offering high-performance components and features that improve safety, durability, and production. When you partner with us, you'll receive your lift directly from the manufacturer rather than working with a dealer acting as a middleman.

    Industry Specific Equipment

    Tracked Lifts Arborist Lifts 1


    Founded by an Aborist, Tracked Lifts features tree care focused models that are designed from the ground up to withstand heavy use

    Tracked Lifts Facilities


    Tracked Lifts models can operate both indoors and outdoors making hard to reach jobs easy



    Easy to transport and simple to operate, our Tracked Lifts models make great additions to rental fleets

    Connect With the Professionals at Tracked Lifts Today

    If you're ready to add a high-performance lift to your equipment fleet, trust the professionals at Tracked Lifts to guide you. Connect with our team online today to request a quote or obtain additional product information. You can also browse our blog to explore current industry trends and learn more about how our equipment can benefit your application.


    Calling All Tree Care Professionals

    Learn about the safest, most reliable arbor lifts on the market that help you access the most difficult jobs

    Elevate Your Lift Knowledge

    Arborist In Mobile Elevated Work Platform
    Aerial Lift Key Terms You Need to Know

    Your business uses aerial lifts every day, but do your operators know the terms associated with the equipment? A full understanding of mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) is crucial, as it allows operators to confidently handle the equipment, protecting themselves and bystanders while performing their tasks effectively. Below is a breakdown of aerial lift definitions and relevant terms workers should know to handle this equipment safely and efficiently.

    Discover the Compact Yet Mighty TL 13.80 from Tracked Lifts – Our Newest Addition to Our Spider Lift Lineup
    Discover the Compact Yet Mighty TL 13.80 from Tracked Lifts – Our Newest Addition to Our Spider Lift Lineup

    The TL 13.80 from Tracked Lifts is a game-changer in the world of aerial lifts. Designed for versatility and efficiency, this compact yet powerful machine excels in indoor facility maintenance, outdoor landscaping, tree care, painting, and more. With a working height of just 44 feet, the TL 13.80 is perfect for navigating tight spaces while delivering exceptional performance. 

    Powering Up: Navigating Your Aerial Spider Lift Power Options at Tracked Lifts
    Powering Up: Navigating Your Aerial Spider Lift Power Options at Tracked Lifts

    In the ever-demanding world of aerial lifts, power isn’t a one-size-fits-all. At Tracked Lifts, we understand that different projects require different power solutions. That’s why we offer a selective range of power options tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re tackling indoor maintenance, outdoor utility work, or environmentally conscious projects, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into the three main power options available: Internal Combustion Only, Electric Only, and Hybrid.

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